Our trip to the ZOO

It is Saturday. My English class and me are going to the Zoo.
It is raining. We are sitting in a small restaurant.
The restaurant is next to the pool where two sea lions are swimming.
First, we are going to see the monkeys.The monkeys are jumping from branch to branch in the cage.
A big monkey and the oldest monkey called Deda is very quick and smart.
Now, a zookeper is coming and he is giving bananas, apples and pears to the monkeys.
We are going to the next animal house. There are a lot of snakes in different colours.
They are beautiful and sleepy. Most of them are not poisonous.
After that we are going to see crocodiles, desert foxes, buffalos, camels, birds, bears, elephants, zebras, lions, tigers and some fish.
All these animals are wonderful. The people who work in the Zoo are very busy and they try to make the animals happy like in their real homes.

Our picture Gallery

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